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What Business Should I Start? 7 steps to discovering the ideal business for you
by Rhonda Abrams
360 pages, 2-color throughout
ISBN: 0-9669635-8-X
© 2004 Rhonda Abrams

What Business Should I Start
7 steps to discovering the ideal business for you

by Rhonda Abrams

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Want to start your own business, but aren't sure which one? Want to find a business that's right for you—for your interests, skills, and goals—that will also be successful? This new book takes you through an exclusive seven-step process, revealing the ideal business for you.

Based on her experiences with thousands of entrepreneurs and research on the most popular and successful types of small businesses, best-selling author and nationally-syndicated columnist Rhonda Abrams has developed the What Color Is Your Parachute for entrepreneurs.

You'll embark on a series of self-tests, evaluations, brainstorming sessions and guided online research to generate and then refine a realistic, useful list of potential business ideas that match with your skills, interests, experience, needs, resources, and location.

Features include:

Exclusive E-Type™ Assessment. Use this groundbreaking questionnaire and uncover your unique Entrepreneurial Type, based on your talents, personality, and passions. Identify which businesses are best for your E-Type.

Extensive Business Information. Discover the businesses that are hot right now—and how much money they make. Find out which industries work best for small businesses, and why. Carefully developed resource lists show you where and how you can do your own in-depth research.

Fully Researched Business Reviews. Candid, extensive critiques of 23 popular businesses—with success rates, start-up costs, resources, money-making potential and more.

Analytical Worksheets. Organize and analyze your potential business ideas—then rate and rank your choices.

Expert Advice. Rhonda has helped thousands of entrepreneurs start successful businesses—benefit from her years of research and experience.

Additional highlights:

  • Listing of 463 hand-picked businesses ideal for new entrepreneurs
  • In-depth info on which businesses make money
  • Define your aspirations, expectations, and financial goals for your new business
  • Learn how others have been successful, part-time or full-time
  • Comprehensive descriptions of the nine E-Types and the best businesses for each
  • Learn the secrets to increasing your chance of success
  • Identify your market niche and learn how it will make you more money

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