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Trade Show In A Day
by The Planning Shop
with Rhonda Abrams
& Betsy Bozdech
200 pages, 2-color throughout
ISBN: 0-9740801-7-9
ISBN-13: 978-0-9740801-7-8
© 2006 The Planning Shop

Trade Show In A Day
Get it done right, get it done fast!™

by The Planning Shop
with Rhonda Abrams & Betsy Bozdech

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Whether it’s your first trade show or you're looking to improve results, this is the book for you! If you exhibit at a trade show, will your prospects show up at your trade show booth? If they show up, can you convert them into customers? Trade Show In A Day shows you how to choose the right show, select the best booth, merchandise your products or services, and most importantly, how to secure leads and turn them into customers.

Whether you’re planning your very first trade show or want to improve the results of your ongoing trade show program, Trade Show In A Day helps you succeed in making the most of your trade show dollars!

Trade shows are the single best form of marketing for many businesses in the US. Trade shows are an outstanding way to find new customers, secure leads, make sales, check out the competition, and reconnect with current customers.

But a successful trade show experience doesn't just happen. It takes planning. And planning a trade show can be confusing, expensive, and time-consuming. Trade Show In A Day walks you through the process, showing you tricks, tips, and strategies for success.

One thing’s for sure—understanding how to plan and execute a successful trade show experience can directly affect your company's income and bottom line.

Trade Show In A Day covers all the most important aspects of planning and executing a successful trade show experience—and shows the reader how to do it quickly and easily.

Topics covered include:

  • Choosing the right trade show to find the right prospects
  • Planning your trade show booth
  • Gettting attendees to come to your booth
  • What to hand out in your booth
  • Interactive trade show displays
  • Dealing with all those pesky logistics
  • Most importantly, turning prospects into leads and leads into customers
  • And a special section devoted to last minute trouble shooting!

Before you spend thousands—if not tens of thousands—on your trade show exhibit, use this complete guide to insure you make the most of your trade show experience and succeed in reaching your goals!

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