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Successful Marketing: Secrets & Strategies
by Rhonda Abrams & Julie Vallone
407 pages, trade paperback
2-color throughout
Instructor's ancillary materials available
ISBN: 978-1-933895-05-5
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dSuccessful Marketing Secrets & Strategies

by Rhonda Abrams & Julie Vallone


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What's the #1 issue on business owner's minds? Marketing!!

Business owners have asked, and we've listened. The #1 most requested topic is marketing. Successful Marketing: Secrets & Strategies is the most comprehensive, up-to-date guide to marketing available for entrepreneurs and business owners. Packed with the latest trends and practical advice, including a complete section on all types of online marketing, this new book shows how to make the most out of your marketing dollars.

Finally! The complete, ultimate guide to marketing. Successful Marketing: Secrets & Strategies provides entrepreneurs with everything they need to know to create a successful marketing plan, increase sales, and make more money. It's all in here - from postcards and flyers to traditional advertising to the latest in online marketing techniques - including search engine marketing and optimization!

This comprehensive book covers all the marketing essentials, strategies, and tactics. Everything an entrepreneur or business owner wants and needs to know about how to market their businesses successfully is included:

    • Advertising-Print, Radio, TV
    • Online Marketing & Advertising
    • Brand Identity
    • Direct Mail
    • Public Relations
    • Person-to-Person Marketing
    • Networking
    • Email Communications & Newsletters
    • Print Collateral
    • Search Engine Marketing
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Trade Shows
    • In-Store Marketing
    • Sampling
    • Customer Loyalty Programs
    • And much more!

This thorough book includes a step-by-step guide to creating a Complete Marketing Plan. Dozens of worksheets help readers develop their company name, logo, taglines, print, radio and TV advertisements, PR pitches, websites, brochures, media kits, out-of-the box marketing campaigns, and much more.

It also includes a Special Online Marketing Section devoted to the latest techniques. From creating a website, to understanding search engine optimization and marketing to newsletters, this section helps readers use the web to increase awareness and sales.

Successful Marketing: Secrets & Strategies has a number of Exclusive Features including: the first ever Affordability Scale, which shows the true costs of marketing tactics, and Return on Investment Calculators throughout each section help readers decide what's worth it and what's not.

      • Complete Marketing Plan: step-by-step templates guide readers through each step.
      • Dozens of interactive worksheets, charts, and sidebars make the information easy to read

Make More Money!

Every business owner wants to know how to increase their sales. Whatever industry they're in, this book shows them how.

Practical and Tactical Advice

Information and tips business owners can use today. Affordable, realistic marketing strategies that really work!

Complete Marketing Plan

Includes easy-to-use templates-readers develop a comprehensive plan for Marketing Success.

Special Section: Online Marketing

Everyone wants to understand what they should be doing online to market their business. This special section has all the latest techniques - and shows you what really works.

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