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Finding an Angel Investor In A Day
by The Planning Shop
and Joseph R. Bell
200 pages, 2-color throughout
ISBN: 0-9740801-8-7
ISBN-13: 978-0-9740801-8-5
© 2007 The Planning Shop

Finding an Angel Investor In A Day
Get it done right, get it done fast!™

By the Planning Shop
and Joseph R. Bell


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Kinko’s founder and experienced angel investor, Paul Orfalea, shares real world advice in the foreword to this guide. Finding an Angel Investor In A Day will help you get your business funded fast!

Need money to start or grow your business? Looking for angel investors? Financing a business? This step-by-step guide takes the mystery out of raising money, with all the answers for:

  • Finding and convincing an angel investor
  • Making a winning pitch to get the money you need
  • 12 key presentation slides
  • Getting the best valuation for your company
  • Preparing your business for the angel investment process
  • Understanding the all-important term sheet
  • Complete sample term sheet included
  • Negotiating the best deal!

Billions of dollars in angel financing available

Angel investors are individuals who finance new or growing businesses using their own money. And there’s more money out there than ever before! Over $23 billion was invested by angel investors in 2005 in the US alone!

Angel financing is expanding at an extraordinary rate. There’s a huge amount of angel financing money out there for new and growing businesses. Whether yours is a new or existing, growing business, there’s private financing and angel investors out there for you.

Virtually every large and mid-size community in America now has at least one group of angel investors. It’s easier now than ever before to find and attract an angel investor—if you know how. That’s where this book comes in.

Locate and successfully convince angel investors or angel groups

This thoroughly-researched guide shows you how to find a qualified angel or locate a group of angel investors in your own community. These are investors with the funds, experience, and interest to help you achieve your dreams.

Next, Finding an Angel Investor In A Day shows you exactly how to make the kind of pitch that will cause potential investors to whip out their checkbooks. It delineates what to say—and what NOT to say to attract and keep investors’ interest. Even if—especially if—you’ve never made a fund-raising pitch before, this book shows you how to create and present an effective, convincing presentation.

Negotiating Key Investment Issues—Term Sheet, Valuation, Equity Ownership

Finding an Angel Investor In A Day navigates you through the often-complicated world of raising venture capital for your growing business. In this book, you’ll learn how angel investors think—how they determine the value of your company and the amount of money they’re likely to invest.

A complete sample term sheet—and clear explanations—helps you become familiar with the language and terms angels will use with you. You’ll feel confident from the very first meeting!

Finally, when it comes time to negotiate the actual deal—how much money will you get, how much ownership of your company will you have to give up—Finding an Angel Investor In A Day provides you with proven, real-world guidance on negotiating tips and how to get the best deal possible!

Finding an Angel Investor In A Day features include:

  • Equity ownership calculation worksheets
  • Questions investors will ask
  • Red flags for investors
  • “Staging” investment “rounds” to maximize your equity ownership
  • Understanding investors’ expected ROI—return on investment
  • Glossary of key financing terms
  • Worksheets, Charts and Checklists throughout

Finding an Angel Investor In A Day was created to help busy entrepreneurs get the money they need to start and grow their businesses.

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