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Winning Presentation In A Day
by Rhonda Abrams
200 pages, 2-color throughout
ISBN: 0-9740801-6-0
ISBN-13: 978-0-9740801-6-1
© 2005 Rhonda Abrams

Winning Presentation In A Day
Get it done right, get it done fast!™

by Rhonda Abrams

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Need to wow an audience? On a tight deadline? This book is for you!You'll get step-by-step direction on choosing and organizing your content, producing powerful visuals, and delivering your message with polish and confidence.

Winning Presentation In A Day provides you with the critical, time-tested tools and information you need to choose your content, create your message, and pull together a well-constructed and effective presentation in record time.

The book also includes valuable information on how to create an effective PowerPoint™ presentation. Whether you're new to PowerPoint, or are a power user who wants to add pizzazz to your presentations, this book shows you how to quickly and easily create slides that enhance your message and hold your listeners' attention.

Winning Presentation In A Day is designed for people who need to create a presentation for:

  • Company reports, budget presentations, corporate briefings
  • Reports to clients
  • Keynote speeches
  • Sales calls or presentations
  • Workshops, seminars, or training sessions
  • Conferences, conventions, trade shows
  • Webinars, phone or video conferences
  • Panels and multiperson presentations
  • Business plan presentations
  • New product demonstrations
  • Presentations to potential funders
  • Class reports
  • Community organizations, churches, synagogues, mosques

A VISUAL APPROACH: Winning Presentation In A Day emphasizes showing as well as telling, to help readers learn fast.

Features include:

Time-Saving Tools. Show you exactly what you need to do to get your presentation finished, fast.

Slide Rules. Tips on how to make your PowerPoint slides convey your message effectively.

Sample Presentation. Use our carefully designed sample presentation as a model for your own.

QuickTips. Insiders' secrets help you make your presentation and delivery more effective.

Expert Advice. Written by Rhonda Abrams, highly acclaimed public speaker, presenter, and best-selling author.

It's all here:

  • Content: Learn what to say, how much to say, and how to say it.
  • PowerPoint: Three full chapters help you create a knock-'em-dead presentation using this indispensable tool.
  • Delivery Tricks: Use pacing, body language, and humor to keep your audience engaged.
  • Visual Aids: Get the most from handouts, charts, graphs, and other visual aids.
  • Q&A Tips: Effectively handle questions and audience interaction.
  • Get it done right, get it done fast!

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