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Better Business Bureau Buying a Franchise:
Insider’s Guide to Success
By The Better Business Bureau
216 pages, softcover
ISBN 13: 978-1-933895-01-7
ISBN: 1-933895-01-2
©2007 by Rhonda Abrams.
Published by The Planning Shop

Better Business Bureau Buying a Franchise: Insider’s Guide to Success

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Have you dreamed of owning a franchise? Let the experts at the BBB tell you what you need to know, which pitfalls to avoid, and the best resources to use when buying a franchise.

Buying a franchise can be tremendously lucrative, providing both financial and professional independence, but there are also plenty of pitfalls. How do entrepreneurs find the best franchise opportunity? Better Business Bureau Buying a Franchise: Insider’s Guide to Success has the answers.

Better Business Bureau Buying a Franchise: Insider’s Guide to Success is packed with essential information and expert advice. This book helps people investigate and choose the right franchise, successfully negotiate the contract process, financing fees and leasehold improvements, manage suppliers and employees, and leverage the franchise community.

All the most important aspects of buying a franchise are covered from what to expect from a franchise, to what to look for and ask when investigating franchises, to insight into franchise fees and ongoing operational costs, to proven techniques to running a successful franchise.

Highlights Include:

  • Learn how to choose, buy & run a successful franchise
  • The truth about fees, royalties and hidden costs
  • Keys to finding a franchise that will make money
  • Insider’s Insights: BBB experts guide you through the franchise buying process
  • Red flags: Expert advice on what to watch out for in franchise agreements
  • How to negotiate the best franchise agreement terms
  • Figure out which franchise that fits your financial goals & lifestyleFranchise Agreement & UFOC: Fully explained with pros/cons of each term
  • Listing Fees & Other Services: What to spend money and what not to
  • Insider’s Insights: BBB experts help get your eBay business started right
  • Learn how to set prices that bring in profits
  • Expert Advice: Secrets from sellers who’ve succeeded
  • Getting and keeping positive feedback
  • How to be profitable from the start
  • Special Section: Take your business online

Other Features Include:

  • Step-by-Step Checklists
  • Easy-to-use worksheets help you quickly assess franchises
  • Quick Tips: short cuts, helpful resources, what to look out for
  • Questionnaires on what to ask franchisors, franchisees

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