Rhonda Abrams
Founder, CEO

For over 15 years, Rhonda Abrams has provided business planning expertise to literally hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs and businesses. She is the author of the best-selling The Successful Business Plan: Secrets & Strategies, now in its fourth edition, and several other business planning books. Her nationally-syndicated column on small business strategies reaches 20 million readers a week in over 130 newspapers. A popular public speaker, Rhonda is frequently invited to speak at conferences, corporate meetings, and workshops. She is a graduate of UCLA and holds a master's degree from Harvard. Learn more about Rhonda, her writings, and her speaking engagements at www.RhondaOnline.com.

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Here at The Planning Shop, we’re dedicated to helping entrepreneurs start, run, and grow successful companies.

We’re entrepreneurs ourselves, so we understand what it takes to launch and run your own company.

The Planning Shop publishes books and other tools for successful entrepreneurs. Our books are based on years of real-world experience, sharing advice—secrets and strategies—from successful entrepreneurs, CEOs, investors, lenders, and seasoned business experts.

We believe that with the right tools, knowledge, and support you can succeed – and we’re here to help.

Our flagship product, The Successful Business Plan: Secrets & Strategies is the leading business plan book in the United States, used by over 500 business schools and having sold over 600,000 copies.

Our “In A Day” line helps business owners solve a critical business issue and “get it done fast, get it done right.” ™  

The Planning Shop also publishes The Better Business Bureau’s Insider’s Guides to Success, helping both businesses and consumers make significant financial decisions.

Hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs have used The Planning Shop products to launch, run, and expand their businesses. Let us help you too.

We work hard to make our books easy!

Everyone here at The Planning Shop takes great pride in creating exceptional products – products that help you tackle a critical business issue quickly and easily.

Our books take challenging topics and make them easy-to-understand without being “dumbed down.” Instead, we make our books elegantly simple – they’re easy to use and understand, yet they give you all the information you need.

Our process for developing books is unlike any other publisher. We create all of our books in-house. We begin by identifying the critical business tasks facing business owners and entrepreneurs. Then we come up with a comprehensive list of questions that an entrepreneur wants answered. We make sure that every one of those questions is answered in our book – clearly and concisely. We write – and rewrite, edit – and re-edit. As someone once said, “easy reading is hard writing.”

That’s why once you’ve bought one book from The Planning Shop, you’ll turn to us whenever you need business information. In fact, we created our “Successful Business Library” bundle of all our books because so many of our customers wanted to buy them all at one time!

Don’t forget our charts, checklists, and worksheets.

Around the office, Rhonda is known as “the queen of charts.” That’s because she likes us to take a lot of complex data or information and turn it into easy-to-understand-at-a-glance charts or checklists. That means you can quickly understand important business concepts – whether you’re new to business or are an experienced entrepreneur.

Each of our books is filled with easy-to-use worksheets, enabling you to immediately tackle your business challenges. By the time you’ve finished a book from The Planning Shop – you’ll be on the road to success.

That’s because we believe in entrepreneurship – and in entrepreneurs like you!

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